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Why are digital steps – minimal steps? Is digitalization still difficult for you to grasp? Tangible? A grey cloud? Watch this video to see how we can work together with you step by step into the Internet of Things:

// Video series: Tech talk

// Video series: Reinvent Yourself!

The new video series by IoT expert Prof. Dr. Markus Haid (#theyellowshoes) shows in five episodes how companies can successfully prepare for the challenges of the future.

// Video series: Internet of Things

What’s that Iot? What is industry 4.0? What is Cyber Physical Systems? What do sensors have to do with digitization? And why small steps? Questions that move you. I have the answers. In less than 2 minutes I’ll explain every trend-setting term to you here.

// Video series: Blockchain as technology

What is a blockchain? What are ICOs? What is Smart Contracting? One thing is certain: Blockchain will significantly influence our future. Here you can find out the most important facts about the entrepreneurial future with Blockchain. In less than 2 minutes you will know more.

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